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Conical Twin Screw and Barrel for Plastic Board Machine

Basic information
Product description


45/90, 45/100, 50/105, 51/105, 55/110, 55/120, 58/124, 60/125, 65/120, 65/132, 68/143, 70/135, 70/140, 75/150, 80/143, 80/156, 92/188, 105/216

The above are our standard specifications, we can customize according to customers' requirements.

The compression ratio of screws can be designed according to different raw material and products.

Material of Screw and Barrel:

Raw Material

The Finished Product Processing Requirements

38CrMoAlA, SACM645, 42CrMo

Nitriding Treatment

42CrMo, AISI 4140

Chrome Plating Hardness Layer

4Cr5MoSiV1, SKD-61, SKD-11

Spraying Bimetal Alloy Layer And Nitriding Treatment

HPM38, SI36, SUS440, 9Cr18MoV

Stainless Steel(Iron), High Frequency Quenching


Nature Harden After High Temperature



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Conical Twin Screw and Barrel
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